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Website Terms and Conditions

Website Terms and Conditions

This website has been compiled by UK Bicycle Accident Compensation as a first point of reference for those who have been injured in a bicycle accident in the UK, and who are interested in finding out more about making a claim for personal injury compensation. By using this web site, you are accepting our website terms and conditions which should be read carefully.

Always Seek Qualified Professional Legal Advice

No two UK Bicycle Accident Compensation Claims are identical, and whereas we have produced a guide to inform victims of their rights and the procedures they should undertake when making a claim for bicycle accident compensation in the UK, the information provided herein is no substitute for seeking qualified professional legal advice from a solicitor.

Content is Subject to Change without Notice

Visitors to the UK Bicycle Accident Compensation web site are welcome to consult the information contained herein for reference purposes, but are warned that the content published on this web site is subject to change without notice. The conditions of “No Win, No Fee” conditional fee agreements are also subject to change are you are advised to seek information on the current situation from a solicitor.

UK Bicycle Accident Compensation Disclaimer

Consequently, we therefore advise that UK Bicycle Accident Compensation does not accept responsibility for any action undertaken on the basis of information provided on this web site. Furthermore, we shall not be deemed responsible for any injury, loss, claim or damage resulting from the contents of this web site.

Should you not agree with any of the Website Terms and Conditions published on this page, you should navigate away immediately.

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To protect both your health and any potential claim, you should visit your doctor for a complete medical examination as soon as you can following your accident.